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Our story unfolds with Mr. Kalam's first visit to a vineyard in the rolling hills of China, where he was captivated by the luscious vineyards, and the sublime taste of grapes nurtured by generations of expertise. He realised that there was a world of extraordinary grape varieties, each with its own character and charm, waiting to be shared with a Indian audience.

As Mr. Kalam embarked on his globe-trotting grape adventure, he traversed the Mediterranean, where he discovered the sun-kissed vineyards of Italy, producing plump and juicy grapes that embodied the warmth of the region. He journeyed to the high-altitude vineyards of South America, where the Andes Mountains lent a unique terroir to the grapes, creating flavours that were nothing short of extraordinary. In the vineyards of South Africa, He found grapes with a complexity and depth that echoed the nation's diverse history and culture.

Grapescape quickly became more than just a business; it was a bridge connecting grape growers and enthusiasts from every corner of the world. Our relationships with growers were built on trust, respect, and the shared commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices. With each grape variety we imported, we aimed to bring the flavors and stories of these far-off lands to your table.

Our grapes are not just a fruit; they are a passport to the world. With each shipment, we invite you to embark on a global flavor expedition, savoring the world's finest grapes in the comfort of your own home. Taste the passion of Italian vineyards, the sun-drenched allure of Spain, the rugged beauty of Chile, and the unique character of grapes from countless other destinations.

Join us at Grapescape as we continue our mission to explore, discover, and share the world's finest grapes with you. We believe that in every bite, you can savor the global tapestry of flavors, celebrate diversity, and relish the connection that transcends borders, one grape at a time. Welcome to the world of Global Grapes, where a journey across the world is as close as your next bite.

Our Most Famous Variety of Grapes

Moon Drops (USA), Crimson Seedless (South Africa), Thompson seedless (China)

Moon Grapws

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