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Why CR Fruits International ?

We are the 6th largest importers of apples with around 30,000 MT annually, 8 varieties of apples from across 20 countries belonging to more than 30 brands. With over 30 years of experience, CR Fruits International provides the topmost quality fruits to its retailers and consumers at a very reasonable price. Moreover, the freshness of the goods are assured with the 12 cold storage facility well maintained by the team of experts. CR Fruits International procures goods directly from the fields, hence, assuring you the best price and quality.

Cute Girl Eating Apple


Around 30 years back CR Fruits International was initiated by two visionaries in the name of CR Fruits providing lemon and Indian fruits on a commission basis. Based on the beautiful city of Mangalore, CR Fruits International has now established a global presence. Starting with Indian produce, we were committed to ensure the availability of broad array of fresh produce across the globe. With commitment, perseverance, vision and hard work of our team, CR Fruits International has now established as a topmost and prominent brand in the industry. Today being one of the largest importers of fruits CR Fruits International is also one of the widest importer of fruits with around 30 varieties of fruits.

Apples in a Crate

Cold Storage Facility.

With a rocketing quantity of imports, CR Fruits International recognized the need of setting up cold storage facilities so as to ensure the freshness of the goods imported. Today, we have 12 cold storage facilities which includes 5 controlled atmosphere stores with a capacity of storing over 10000 pallets across India.



Countries we import from

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