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Simply Citrus

At the sun-kissed groves of India, Egypt and South Africa , nestled between the azure sea and ancient olive trees, there lies our partnered citrus farms of Simply citrus that has been cultivating the finest oranges, lemons, and grapefruits for generations. The secret to their succulent fruits lies not only in the rich, fertile soil but also in the unwavering dedication to tradition and quality.


Mr. Kalam, our director, visited these farms personally and imparted upon the farmers the wisdom of the land and the importance of patience and care. Under the guidance of our team, the farms flourished, with its fruits sought after by chefs, juice enthusiasts, and discerning consumers alike. Mr. Kalam dreamed of sharing the taste of the sun-drenched citrus from across the world to Indian consumers. Our commitment to sustainability, authenticity, and flavour has helped us set out to deliver the essence of simply citrus to every corner in India 


From hand-picking each piece of fruit at the peak of ripeness to utilizing eco-friendly packaging, we strive to uphold the quality of our citrus. Today, our citrus fruits grace the tables of homes and restaurants across India, a testament to the enduring legacy of family, tradition, and the bountiful blessings of the land.

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