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About CR Fruits International

Fruits have played a very crucial role in the life of a human being. Starting from the apple that was bitten by Adam to the platter of fruits we consume for breakfast, it's quality and variety that play vital roles. Around 30 years ago, two visionaries who aimed at creating an enterprise which would serve a diverse collection of fruits from across the globe, established CR fruits International. The laborious and conscientious work since the past years by the entrepreneurs, their expertise in the selection of standardized and rich fruits and finally, their approach towards the trade and business in this field of specialization has led them to thrive and to flourish, now making them the topmost and prominent brand in the industry. We proudly take the position of being the largest importers of apples in South India with apples being shipped from Turkey, USA, Chile, South Africa, Italy, Poland, New Zealand and Serbia. To widen the market and to traverse through unique varieties of fruits, CR fruits began its journey with exotic fruits such as imported Pitaya, Longan, Cherry, Peaches, kiwi, pears, stone fruits, citrus, etc. We have assured the availability of these fruits in India as well. CR Fruits International is currently owned and managed by NR International. Through this change in ownership we have been able to establish our brand all across the country. We have put in efforts to own every procedure from being a producer to being a retailer and we look to expand.  We express our sincere gratitude to each one of our customers who put their faith into this enterprise and chose the best qualities of fruits that we have provided. We promise to endeavor in this line of work and venture out into the economy in order to bring out the best service and worthy fruits.

Imported produce of  CR Fruits International

CR Fruits International is one of the largest importers in India with annual  imports of around 18,000 MT. We look to expand our capacity to reach our goal of becoming the largest importers of fruits in India. We import and distribute a large variety of fruits, some of which are mentioned below. We ensure that all these fruits are available to our customers all round the year.



We Import apples from The USA, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Chile, South Africa and Serbia. We also have our partnered farms in Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir to ensure supply of locally grown Indian Apples.



 We ensure the year long availability of citrus by importing from Egypt, and South Africa, along with the locally grown Indian Oranges in our partnered farms.


We import pears from The USA, South Africa and Chile. We also deal with the local varieties grown in Kashmir.



We import Kiwi from Greece, Chile and New Zealand. We import Green and golden kiwis.

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Message from the Board of Directors


MM Aboobacker
Founder, President

At CR Fruits International, we have a resilient and a balanced portfolio of business, strong capabilities, and a good position in one of the fastest growing economy in the world. CR Fruits International became a successful company due to the company's strategy which was laid to build a foundation for steady growth as well as becoming one of the leaders in the group of fruit importing companies. We aim to be a highly profitable company with insight to social issues 10 years in the future and with a high value-added business model creating unique value for sustained growth.


Words from Our customers

" We have been the customers of CR since 2007, when Spar was first established in the city of Mangalore. The products of CR are exceptionally fresh. In these years I have not faced a single complaint. Moreover they have the largest variety of fruits, more than of those in the larger markets in Mumbai, Chennai, etc. We look forward to deal with them to many more years to come."

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