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Recipe for Mango Creme

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

The Mango creme is a delicious and decadent layered desert with mango flavored cream and mango pieces. It is an easy and fuss-free, egg-less, no-cook desert, perfect for this summer season. Got some mangoes and cream? then you have to try this luscious Mango fruit cream desert soon.


  • Cream

  • Milkmaid

  • Mango (Alphonso suggested)

  • Whipping Powder

Step 1: In a bowl, Pour milkmaid

Step 2: Add the cream

Step 3: Whisk it well until a liquid texture is formed.

Step 4: Add whipping powder and mix it really well.

The cream is now ready. Ensure that the texture is perfect to get the best taste.

Step 5: Cut the mangoes into small cubes.

Step 6: Add the mangoes to the cream.

Step 7: Mix it well

The Mango Creme is now ready. Refrigerate for 3-5 hours and serve it chilled.

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